The 6 most unique new football kits of the season

New football kit

New football kits always have and always will manage to polarise the opinions. Just by having a look on social media, you immediately see the diversity in sentiment when the big clubs announce their brand new shirts. Despite the rise of the notorious templates, every year Adidas, Nike and other Pumas come up with a few gems that are unlike anything we have seen before. These are the 6 new kit releases which stand out most.

6. PSG x Nike/Jordan – Third kit

The story behind the kit:

For over two years, PSG and Jordan have been collaborating in their pursuit to create a streetwear brand that transcends basketball, football and sports in general. This year, the Jumpman brand and Les Parisiens have launched yet another Champions League kit ‘which celebrates the lifestyle culture of Parisien Football’. The new design and colours refer to the Air Jordan VII, first worn by Michael in the 1992 All Star Game.

Read more about their collaboration in PSG x Jordan: How Paris is becoming football’s coolest brand.

5. Manchester City x Puma – Alternate kit

The story behind the kit:

In May, Puma and Manchester City asked their fans to create an alternate kit for the 2020/21 season. After the submissions, it was up to the fans to decide on a favourite which would be created in limited edition. 9-year-old Lucy Beth won and was congratulated by Sergio Agüero in a personal video message. Very clean design.

4. Ajax x Adidas – Away kit

The story behind the kit:

Is this the best away kit in world football this season? Ajax have surprised Europe in extremely decent kits before, but this one stands out. The new outfit is a reflection of Amsterdam’s artsy and creative image, with the red club badge fitting perfectly in the whole.

3. Nigeria x Nike – Home kit

The story behind the kit:

Ever since the 2018 World Cup, fans all over the world started sensing a weak spot for the Super Eagles. This year, they have been able to come up with another exciting home kit: less flashy, more classy, but yet again one of the most distinctive designs in the sometimes boring world of international football kit design.

2. FC Bayern x Adidas – Third kit

The story behind the kit:

Bayern’s diamond pattern is everywhere. It lights up the stadium, while the diamond Bavarian flag decorates the club crest. This season, Adidas and Bayern went one step further and launched a kit with the same pattern, in perfectly matching shades of red and black.

1. Arsenal x Adidas – Away/Third kit

The story behind the new kits:

The home kit: classy but disruptive. The away kit: unparalleled. The third kit: something you’d wear on your graduation.

Okay, maybe not really, but you get the point. If Arsenal were a bit better at playing the actual game, their rivals would have to fear losing their fans to The Gunners. The away kit has been inspired by the marble halls of Arsenal’s iconic Highbury Stadium. The third kit, inspired by streetwear, includes the beautiful combination of a darker dyed blue and light pink/orange details.

Which one is your favourite?

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